Our Promises


Our company philosophy is founded on constantly striving to provide the best customer experience. We commit ourselves to give only the best service levels when engaging our customers or prospects and promise to be always there and ready for our customers even after sales.

We believe the best customer experience can only be achieved by dedicatedly being with our customers all the way in their journey from showing interest, to purchasing and then finally using our water filtration products and systems in their daily life.


The founders of Myfilter Distribution has established 5 core principles that guided and nurtured the culture of the company and it’s team. Everyone in the team embrace these principles when carrying out their duties and responsibilities.


We don’t just sell products, instead we provide 1 to 1 consultation sessions with customers to understand their real needs and budget before tailoring a water filtration solution for them.

We provide an ever expanding variety of products coming from different countries for our customers to choose from.

We ensure only top quality water filtration products by having a strict and comprehensive QA process.

We empathise and understand the true needs of our customers, by thinking from the perspective of how to improve their health through proper water filtration.

We hope to make the world better by contributing to health improvements through drinking and using clean and pure water!

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