MF FRP 0844


MF FRP 0844 is designed to keep out all sediment and rust from your water system and can thoroughly clean the filters in just 10 seconds and reuse them continuously.

You no longer need to spend extra time and money to replace filter-cartridges.

Quick Overview

Model: MF FRP 0844

  1. 5 micron Filtration
  2.  Effective and user friendly Backwash System.
  3. Guarantees against weathering and corrosion.
  4. Slim and compact design.


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  • Sand Media for filtration can be customized according to needs.
  • Quick Sand as main media for filtration
  • Advance Backwash Valve – Only one step
  • Colour – Standard Black
  • Max Operating Pressure – 8 bar
  • Filter Casing – Refined Fibre Reinforce Plastic Material
  • Diameter & Height: 8” Diameter x 44” Height

Why is outdoor filter is important?

We use water on a daily basis for drinking, cooking, shower, brushing teeth and we might not be aware that we are actually putting our family at risk.

Due to aging rusty pipes, treated water still contains sediments and rust that can be harmful to our body. 

Installing an outdoor filter or “Point of Entry Filtration” is the first step to to take care of your family health.

Simple and Economical Backwash System

With the effective back wash, you can thoroughly clean the internal filters in just 10 seconds and reuse them continuously for life. You no longer need to spend extra time and money to replace filter-cartridges.

Replacing Filter Catridges Malaysia

With such easy maintenance, FRP 0844 can be thoroughly cleaned regularly, thereby reducing the risk of any built-up in bacteria that often occurs in conventional overused filters. 

5 Micron Filtration

MF FRP 0844 is designed to keep out all sediment and rust from your water system and using 3 types of sand as filter media

Quick Sand 0.3mm
– Remove impurities from 5 – 10 microns

Fine Silica Sand
– A bed of finely graded Silica Sand removes sand, sediments,

Coarse Silica Sand
– The coarse sand acts as support for the other media components and it also increases the exposure time thus enhancing the filter’s effectiveness.

Sand Media can be customized according to customer needs, for example Activated Carbon can be added in to reduce chlorine and removing unpleasant odours. Removing all chlorine is strongly not recommended.

10 Years Warranty

Made of quality imported material from Italy, our FRP0844 high- strength fiberglass exterior can withstand up to 8 bar of pressure. It is built for heavy-duty use and guarantees against weathering and corrosion.

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