MF 3M AP902 is designed to keep out all sediment and rust up to 5 Micron from your water system. No more backwash , very convenience and saving you more time.

Quick Overview

Model: MF 3M AP902

  1. 5 micron Filtration
  2. Slim and compact design
  3. FDA compliant material
  4. No backwash


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  • Size :  63.7cm (H) x 11.4cm (D)
  • Housing material: Stainless Steel Head
  • Fully enclosed media : No Spill and No Mess
  • Filtration: 5 Micron
  • Capacity: 378,541 liters
  • Maintenance : Quick Change (Easy change out)

Why installing outdoor filter is important? 

We use water on a daily basis for drinking, cooking, shower, brushing teeth and we might not be aware that we are actually putting our family at risk. Due to aging rusty pipes, treated water still contains sediments and rust that can be harmful to our body.

Installing an outdoor filter or “Point of Entry Filtration” is the first step to take care of your family’s health.

Simple and Economical

Using the advance Sanitary Quick Change technology, changing the cartridge will be easy and fast. No Spill and No Mess.

MF3MAP902 Sanitary Quick Change Technology

In sanitary quick change systems, there is no contact with the dirty filter. The filter systems are contained in an encapsulated cartridge. This encapsulated system fits into a special head, so when change out comes the entire filter system can be removed.

As the dirty filter and water remain inside the encapsulation there is no contact made by people changing the filter. This means a hygienic solution is achieved.

SQC systems as stated above typically have a special head system which simplifies the cartridge change-out, to a simple twist out of the old and twist in of the new. No tools or complicated alignment is required. No sanitisation of the filter housing is necessary as it is new and clean.

304 Stainless Steel Head – 25 Years Warranty

The AP902 Series is manufactured with a head assembly that includes an integral mounting bracket. The 304 stainless steel head allows for “sweat in place” installation and is a corrosion resistant material that provides long service life and won’t affect the taste of drinking water.

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