Hot & Col Water Dispenser – Table Top Model

Quick Overview

Model: HC 2000 (The Ultra Slim Cooler with the best Performance)

  •  Ultra Slim
  •  Eco Mode System
  •  Hot Water Safety Device
  •  Easy Faucet Cleaning


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  • Type: Pipe-in & Counter Top
  • Supply: 230V / 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: Hot = 430W, Cold = 90W
  • Filtration System: Korean 4 Stages Filtration.
  • Dimension (mm): (W) 260mm x (D) 480mm x (H) 495mm
  • Tank Capacity (Litres): Hot = 1.5L, Cold = 4.2L
  • Net Weight: 19kg

Eco Mode System 

Heating system automatically stops when it becomes dark at night, Ecosystem works when the illuminance is measured at under 1 lux.

The cooler will be working automatically when the sensor detects light in the day time. A system design to be energy saving and cost effective for customer.

Hot Water Safety Device

Protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water.

Easy Faucet Cleaning

Most product in the market are not able for cleansing but HC 2000 faucets can be clean easily or replaceable it comes with a hygiene guard.

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