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Myfilter Drinking Water System brings you a system that provide you with Mild Alkaline & Clean water leading you to an optimal health.

Quick Overview

Model: Af 5000

  1. Mild Alkaline System
  2. Compact & Modern Design
  3. Easy Maintenance
  4. Reminder Mode


Type: Counter Top / Under sink

  • Using latest system that produce mild alkaline water that suitable to our body PH
  • Easy maintenance as this system no longer using conventional ceramic filter. No washing required.
  • Compact and modern design that save you space for your kitchen.

Mild Alkaline Water

The human body performs optimally when it is in a mild alkaline state with a PH level of 7.35 to 7.45. Likewise, even a slightly acidic blood pH can manifest itself in visibly negative health effects. Maintaining the body’s pH, therefore is essential in ensuring continued health.

Myfilter Alkaline system provide safe and clean water with pH level 7.0 that still contains essential minerals to the body.

Smaller Molecule Cluster than Normal Water

Smaller molecules of water can penetrate deeper into our body cells to hydrate them internally. Drinking it regularly keeps our body and skin hydrated while effectively enhancing our internal systems in absorbing of essential nutrients and vitamins.

Compact and modern design

A product that is compact and modern design are important when designing the water system without compromising the functions of the system. Build to install either on counter top or under sink providing more options to users.

This system also replacing the conventional ceramic filter with Korea Sediment filter where it no longer requires user to wash it on a weekly basis. Easy to maintain and time saving.

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