One of the fundamental elements that allow for biological life to exist, survive, evolve and thrive in any given environment is water.

In fact it is this abundance on planet earth that allows for the modern civilizations you see today. Astrologists use water, as one of their primary indicator in search for habitable planets beyond earth.

These alone gives a hint on how important water is to your body. Our bodies are 75% made up of liquid. Water exists in parts like our brain, blood, muscles and even bones! It is the underlying fuel that feeds biological mechanisms keeping you alive everyday.

Lately research has also suggested that water consumption is linked to your body metabolism. This means that you can actually regulate your body fat percentages to a certain extent by keeping the body hydrated and of course with a healthy lifestyle!

While drinking water is important, consuming clean water enriched with nutrients and positive charges or ions is even beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

For those desiring to keep fit in a blazing 2016 resolution, you can look forward to a simple step to get started; drink sufficient water daily! (it also trains you to keep to a schedule).

To wrap things up, we are going to share an image below that better explains what happens when your body gets dehydrated. Everyone loves images right?

Master Filters Malaysia - Why is drinking water important